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Yastrid blunt tip cannulas are usually delivered into the soft tissues using conventional needles. Because they are sharp, when these needles move through the tissues they cut and tear through tissues and blood vessels. This can cause excessive bleeding and bruising.

Blunt tip cannulas, on the other hand, are blunt and made of plastic. This makes them more flexible and less traumatic than standard needles. Unlike needles, they can navigate through tissue easily without cutting or tearing blood vessels. This significantly decreases the risks of bleeding and bruising. By moving blood vessels out of the way instead of cutting through them the risk of injecting directly into a blood vessel is virtually zero. From a single entry point blunt tip cannulas can deliver precisely over an area which would require multiple needle punctures. Fewer injections means less pain, more comfort, and less risk of complications.

✅ Virtually no bruising

✅ Considerably less pain

✅ Minimal downtime

✅ Single point of entry for wider coverage