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About Yastrid PDO Thread

What is Yastrid PDO Thread?

Yastridpdo thread is one type of medical sutures that can be used for non-surgicalfacelift where facial skin is lifted and tightened. These threads are anchoredand inserted into different layers of the skin using needles, instantly liftingand tightening sagging skin. PDO threads could be absorbed by our face and bodythrough hydrolysis with minimal trauma.

Why Yastrid PDO Thread?

As one experienced manufacturer ofanti-aging products, Yastrid pdo threads meet and exceed CE2292 and ISO13485standards, which gives you the excellent quality and fabulous service to saveyour money and time. • CE2292 &ISO13485 Approved. • 99.99% pure absorbable pdosutures imported from SAMYANG. • Fast delivery based on ourproduction capacity that over 50,000 pieces pdo threads daily. • Free sample of Yastrid pdothreads based on request. • 24/7 hours online service tohelp you solve your problems. • Our own R&D development fornew goods to meet client’s requirement. • OEM & ODM service isavailable. • As an over 18+ years pdothreads manufacturers in China, Yastrid could make various items pdo threads toadapt the trend of marketplace.

How we produce pdo threads?



All my patients and doctors have had no problems since my clinic started working with Yastrid as my pdo threads, dermal filler supplier. Simply put, their products are trustworthy and efficient. No other manufacturer comes close to Yastrid in my own opinion.

Christopher WashingtonMedical Spa Owner from New. Jersey, USA

I own a line of cosmetic surgey clinics in Florida and neighboring states. Before Yastrid, my doctors complained about our previous cog treads as they often leave a clear bruising and heal for over a month. Everything became better once we make business with Yastrid.

Ronald SmithCosmetic Surgery Clinic Owner from Orlando, FL, USA

Yastrid eye threads are on different level. I admire the fact that it's durable and smooth. It doesn't give my patients any laceration, bruising, or discomfort. With Yastrid eye threads, I'm confident in informing my patients that there is no need to put them out with full-body anesthesia.

Joanne WillAesthetic Surgeon from London, Uk

As a 57-year-old woman in the real estate industry, I have to look younger to compete. I can't be more grateful for Yastrid eye threads as it's a convenient solution for me. The effcts could last around 3 years and it keeps me nearly 20 years younger. I still even feel like I'm in my 30s, to be honest.

Emma DuboisOne of Dr. Luze patients from Italy

FAQ Block

Why the threads are broken when I insert into the skin?

1. The thread is expired. 2. Oxidation because opened the aluminum bag with normal temperature for storing. 3. The needle problem. 4. The drying problem when production. 5. The operating problem.

How can I avoid that threads will be broken?

Keep threads within normal temperature 18 ℃~25 ℃ Keep away from sunshine and with normal temperature, if not, threads would be oxidized. Please don’t keep threads in refrigerator. With big different temperature, it is easy to form frost, which will make threads easier to be oxidized. It would be better to use them within one week once you open the foil bag.

What Are the Benefits of PDO Threads?

Non-surgical face lift with short recovery time.


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