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What is PCL Thread?

Polycaprolactone threads are the newest medical absorbable suture for face lifting in this industry. They could last long-lasting result after receving treatment procedure. The barbs in the pcl threads could hook into the surrounding tissues lifting the sagging skin. PCL threads trigger the production of type 1 and 2 collagens as well as ha essence. This is one of their unique specifications compared to pdo threads and plla threads. Meanwhile, they have no toxins in the body after dissolving and make an natrual appearance.

Why Yastrid PCL Thread?

As one advanced material for face lifting and skin tightening. It is becoming more popular because its long-lasting natrual result. In addition, pdo thread itself is very soft so that it could reduce the painful feelings and burising damage areas. Because itself is softer than pdo threads, so its tensile is not stronger than pdo threads even plla threads. Therefore some suppliers would like to add some additional materials to make it hard and strong for lifting even it cannot be absorable by our face and body. While Yastrid only produce pure pcl threads, you could test it throughing put them into hot water over 60℃ and you will see the pcl threads dissolves.

How we produce pcl threads?


Germany advanced equipment to ensure the barb of thread is smooth and strong.


International standard workshop to provide safety production enviroment for making high-quality threads.

QC of Needle

The resistance of blunt tip cannula puncture check ensures that practitioners could insert it into skin easily.


E.O Gas could effectively to kill all the microbe to ensure the safety of pcl threads


Germany imported machine to keep the moisture content under 3%.


We prevent the air and moisture by nitrogen filling, which can extend the shel life of pcl threads.


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