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✅ Redness after injection: it could be healed by itself around 3~5 workdays

    a. Because the human body is repulsive and it rejects adventive objects.

    b. Everyone has different allergens and allergies.

    c. Different absorption period.

✅ Lumpy redness

   a. Wrong methods for injecting(superficial, middle and deep).

   b. Too many hits on the same part.

   c. External environment: condition of sterile and sanitary.

   d. Incomplete disinfection of the face.

   e. Strong force causes the needle to bend and bleed.

✅ Purpura: touching blood vessels.

✅ There are lumps, long-term non-absorption, which could be dissolved by hyaluronidase.

✅ It is not possible to inject multiple sites at one time. After the swelling has subsided, you can inject it in another place.